Leak Detection Services

Domestic and Commercial Leak Detection services in Leicestershire

Our Service to you.

Leaks are problematic, and we're here to investigate and inspect your property or business to find out where the root cause of the problems are.

Whether you are domestic or commercial, we're here to help. From houses, appartments, and bungalows. To offices, warehouses, shops, gyms and even swimming pools. At B&B, there is no job to big or too small for us.

Our process for leak detection goes as follows;

Trace the Leak
Fix the Pipe
Remedial Works
Drying Process

We complete this process by using endoscopic cameras which give us the ability to see into the smallest of spaces causing little to no damage. Gas tracing, using an inert gas that passes through the smallest cracks. Moisture readings helps provide our engineers pinpoint areas of above average moisture.

We use Acoustic equipment, which helps our engineers hear leaks that you might otherwise not notice. We're equipped with thermal imaging cameras as to pick up heat sources behind walls and under floors. Our team are equipped with pressure bar gauges that detect which system is leaking and gives indication on the size of the leak. Coloured dye testing helps locate where potential sources of leaks are coming from. Lastly, we have CAT and genny to assist in locating hidden pipes.

We can locate water leaks internally under;

Concrete Flooring
Wooden Flooring
Laminate Flooring
Amtico or Vinyl Flooring
Ceramic or Vinyl Tiled Floors
Lino Flooring
Rugs and Decorative Coverings
Carpeted Floors
Cavity Floors

We can locate water leaks externally under;

Grass or Turfed Areas
Soil and Scalping

The importance of dealing with leaks.

Damp investigation is an essential part of leak detection. If leaks and damp are left untreated it can lead to mould growth & wet rot.

The sudden arrival of damp may be an indication of a leak. Often the first sign of a leak is damp or mould growth.

We can offer advice on mitigating the damage and how to treat these areas, along with assistance in dealing with insurance claims where a leak is discovered. We also offer our services to remedy the problems for you.

Typically, long-standing problems are blamed on ‘groundwater’ or ‘rising damp’. In our experience, these are normally well-known problems and not something that starts all of a sudden for no reason, particularly in the construction of modern homes.

In 2001, mould was classified as a Category 1 risk to health under the Health and Safety Hazards Rating System. This means that mould is in the same category as asbestos.

When there is historic damp, methods to stop mould growth should be properly investigated. It might be a requirement to remove the plaster and replace this with waterproof rendering or a tanking system. We are more than happy to discuss options.

Damp from a leak must be properly dried to avoid mould growth. If a leak is repaired and the property not correctly ventilated or dried, spores can linger creating mould ‘hot spots’.

Benefits of our leak detection services;

Prompt Action
Accurate Results
Minimum Disruption
Accurate Surveys
Specialist Equipment and Tools
Reduction in Damages
Minimising Water Loss

We cover the whole of the Midlands area so give us a call today and enquire on how we can help investigate potential leaks and damp issues within your home or business.

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